Finding a name for the camper

It is a common tradition to give your VW bus a nice name. My mother-in-law’s old bus was called Fred, the bus of my sister-in-law’s name is Paragorn and there are many, many beautiful buses with many beautiful names out there. Of course we want to join in and have also been looking for a name. As you can already see by the name of the page and the URL, our bus is now called Máni</ strong>. But what’s the point and why exactly this name?

To explain tis, you have to go far afield:
Originally we wanted to buy a white bus. Mainly because that is the most common color in vans, but also because you can counteract the overheating in hot areas. And we also we already had a name “Little Uncle” (who does not know him from Pipi Longstockings). But since it was now a car in reflex silver, we had to rethink.

Since our two Maine Coone tomcats already have Nordic names and silver is generally considered to be the color of the moon, we finally came to Máni:

Máni (Old Norse “moon”) is the personification of the moon in Norse mythology. Máni, personified, is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. Both sources state that he is the brother of the personified sun, Sól, and the son of Mundilfari, while the Prose Edda adds that he is followed by the children Hjúki and Bil through the heavens. As a proper noun, Máni appears throughout Old Norse literature. Scholars have proposed theories about Máni’s potential connection to the Northern European notion of the Man in the Moon, and a potentially otherwise unattested story regarding Máni through skaldic kennings.
~ Source: Wikipedia


So: Welcome Máni! We hope that we will have a good time together.

About Mani im Sharaffenland

Ich bin Máni, ein zu einem Camper umgebauter VW T5 Transporter. Wie es zu dem Namen Máni gekommen ist, findest du im Artikel zur Namensfindung. Meine Fahrer sind Kathrin und Charly mit den Zwillingsjungs Ianto und Kiran. Wenn du mehr über sie wissen willst, schau einfach auf ihre Seite.

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