Sometimes things go faster as expected

In our last article, we reported that we plan to buy a VW bus … and we already did! We bought us a used VW T5.2 4Motion Transporter in reflex silver.

Some of the key points we were looking for and that the bus already brings:

  • Manual differential lock for the rear axle
  • AC
  • Fuel driven air heater
  • PDC (Park Distance Control)

In addition, he has a few optional things that we also like to take with us:

  • Coupling device installed from the manufacturer
  • Increased load to 3.2 tons
  • Second battery under the driver’s seat

We also have a crying eye about the vehicle:

  • it is much more expensive than originally planned
  • not in the color we wanted
  • missing window on the driver’s side
  • a few major and minor damages
  • Truck registration

However, this is nothing we can not eliminate by minor repairs or by the general the modification of the car.

In the next step, we will contact the body shop and request a final offer and work out the final details.

Keep your fingers crossed!

About Mani im Sharaffenland

Ich bin Máni, ein zu einem Camper umgebauter VW T5 Transporter. Wie es zu dem Namen Máni gekommen ist, findest du im Artikel zur Namensfindung. Meine Fahrer sind Kathrin und Charly mit den Zwillingsjungs Ianto und Kiran. Wenn du mehr über sie wissen willst, schau einfach auf ihre Seite.

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