The masterplan comes into being

Travelling expands the mind rarely. ~ Hans Christian Andersen

After a long research, the master plan for our travel vehicle becomes more and more accurate. We already had the first talks with a constructor who specializes in converting VW buses into campers. After a good 3 hours of consultation and discussion, we have a relatively accurate idea of ​​what we want from our vehicle.
The only thing that is missing now is an affordable vehicle, which we are currently actively looking for.

The master plan

Our plan is to buy a Volkswagen Transporter Generation II with all-wheel drive and differential lock and about 100.00km on the clock. We want to rebuild it as follows:

  • Installation furniture with storage space, cooker and freezer
  • popup roof tent with sleeping space
  • Secondary battery incl. CEE (shore power) and a photovoltaic system
  • Full insulation and auxiliary heating

In addition, we want to do a few things ourselves:

  • Isolation mats for the windows
  • Pack nets and pockets for more storage space
  • Extensions for the rear and under the seat

We also plan one or the other IKEA or DIY hack:

  • Cutting board that fits in the cutlery drawer
  • Magnetic board to cover the sink
  • A multifunction bar for hanging baskets, etc
  • Utensilo(s) for the front seats or the rear cabinet
  • solar shower

Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll find something suitable soon!

About Mani im Sharaffenland

Ich bin Máni, ein zu einem Camper umgebauter VW T5 Transporter. Wie es zu dem Namen Máni gekommen ist, findest du im Artikel zur Namensfindung. Meine Fahrer sind Kathrin und Charly mit den Zwillingsjungs Ianto und Kiran. Wenn du mehr über sie wissen willst, schau einfach auf ihre Seite.

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